19th August #assange #wikileaks #auspol

In a special RTRFM “Radiothon” edition of the show we speak to Wikileaks founder and Victorian Senate candidate Julian Assange.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Assange’s views on the global rebellion his organisation helped inspire, as well as his take on how Wikileaks plans to disrupt the two-party status quo of yet another dreary federal election campaign.

We also speak with him (and editorialise at length) on the very controversial preferencing deals of the WikiLeaks party.




  1. Wikileaks Party Announces “Independent Review” of Decision to Preference Fascist Party before Greens | AusVotes 2013 - August 21, 2013

    […] It is possible that the Wikileaks Party will claim this is consistent with the National Council decisions. WA Senate candidate Gerry Georgatos has claimed that there is no chance that Wirrapanda will be elected, and therefore presumably is not from a “major” party. Julian Assange repeated this assertion on Monday night on RTR-FM Perth‘s Indymedia Radio show: […]

  2. WikiLeaks Party Turmoil Revealed – Leslie Cannold Resigns as Julian Assange’s Running Mate in Victoria | AusVotes 2013 - August 21, 2013

    […] This indicates that Wikileaks Party registered officer Gail Malone, and Deputy Registered Officer Cassandra Findlay, who we know lodged the offical New South Wales preference form with the Australian Electoral Commission, defied the National Council. It also indicates that WA Senate candidate Gerry Georgatos, and Julian Assange, who have both defended and justified the WA Senate preference arrangements, have placed themselves in open oppositon to the Wikileaks Party National Council. (Listen here to Assange justify the WA preference deal, courtesy of Perth radio station RTR-FM and the Indymedia Perth radio show. […]

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