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Interview Kamala Emmanuel – Defend Free Speech Perth

Perth activist Kamala Emanuel was charged with “failure to obey [an] order given by an officer” for violating council by-laws, including one by-law that prohibits a person from carrying a sign without authorisation. Mar Bucknell speaks with Kamala about the case and the ramifications for free speech in our so-called democracy. Click here to listen […]

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Interview Boudicca Cerese CSG Free Northern Rivers

Interview with Boudicca Cerese from CSG Free Northern Rivers covering the issue of Coal Seam Gas (#Fracking) in #Australia. From the website… “Coal seam gas mining involves drilling deep into the earth to extract methane held in a coal seam. In order to extract the gas, large volumes of salty water contained in the coal seam […]

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Interview Miranda Gibson – Observer Tree

The ObserverTree is a platform situated 60m above the ground in an old-growth Eucalyptus tree, in the heart of Tasmania’s southern forests. On the 14th of December 2011 conservationist Miranda Gibson climbed a rope to the top of the tree and vowed to stay untill the forest is protected. Miranda’s upper canopy home is a tree under imminent […]

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