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Michael Hayworth Crisis Response Coordinator for Amnesty International on Violence in the Central African Republic

The UN has found “ample evidence” of war crimes committed by both sides in the religious conflict that has devastated the Central African Republic. Despite the seriousness of the situation, this crisis has received only limited attention in the West. Michael Hayworth discusses the human rights abuses currently occurring in the Central African Republic and […]

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Activist Zaheer Allam on the push for renewable energy in Mauritius

Mauritian architect, project manager and co-founder of renewable energy campaign group”Platform Situon” Zaheer Allam on the fight against the fossil fuel industry in Mauritius. Zaheer recently presented at the joint Conservation Council of WA and 350 Perth conference “Better things to do” which explored developments in alternative and renewable energy.

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 Jesus Castillo Podemos Spain candidate in the recent European parliamentary election

Three years after the rise of Indignados (the Indignant Ones), that inspiring explosion of popular anger on the streets of Spain, the struggle against neo-liberal austerity continues with the stunning electoral success in the recent European parliamentary elections of Podemos (We Can), a new left wing party born out of the social movements.  We caught up […]

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Blogger and activist Andy “Slackbastard” Fleming on the infiltration of activist groups

With recent revelations mining company Idemitsu contracted spies to infiltrate protesters opposed to the expansion of coal at Maules Creek we speak to blogger and activist “Slackbastard” Andy Fleming about the history of this kind of strategy.

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