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Australian bastardry and Timor-Leste’s fight for maritime justice

The history of Australia’s relationship with Timor-Leste (formerly East Timor) is a long and sordid one. Decades of complicity by both Labor and Liberal governments alike in the Indonesian genocide there led to a great material prize – the carve-up of oil and gas in the Timor Sea. Post-independence for the fledging nation, not a […]

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Menzies Banksia

Mary Gray from the Urban Bushland Council on the draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan

By the government’s own admission its draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan would reduce the already endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoos by a staggering fifty percent. Ray Grenfell chats to Mary Gray from the Urban Bushland Council to dissect the destructive plan and examine possible sustainable alternatives.

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Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) National Conference was held at the University of Pennsylvania from February 3-5. The pro-Palestinian organization held workshops and discussion groups to end the Israeli occupation. UPenn Students for Justice in Palestine and Philly BDS organized the event. Pictured is Ali Abunimah, a Palestinian-American journalist, who was a keynote speaker on Saturday, February 4, 2012 at the conference.  Photography by Peter Tobia

Nick Everett from Friends of Palestine WA on the delayed visa processing of Ali Abunimah

Ali Abunimah is a Palestinan-American journalist, a co-founder of The Electronic Intifada, and the author of several important books on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, including his latest volume The Battle for Justice in Palestine, published by Haymarket Books. A leading proponent of the one-state solution, Abunimah is currently on a speaking tour of Australia. Alex Whisson […]

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Dr Jasmina Brankovich of WAFA on the Barnett government’s Biodiversity Conservation Bill

The Barnett Government has sold out on WA’s unique plants and animals according to the State’s lead forest conservation organisation, the WA Forest Alliance (WAFA). ‘The Government’s Biodiversity Conservation Bill (listed for debate this week) will not protect our precious wildlife,’ said WAFA spokesperson Dr Jasmina Brankovich. ‘

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