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Black Lives Matter Here Too

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to cause reverberations throughout the United States, exposing the racist core at the heart of the world’s most powerful nation. But racism is integral to the functioning of capitalism in Australia too, as Aboriginal deaths in custody, Islamophobia, and hatred of refugees continue to leave a dark stain on […]

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Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie on the Pokemon Go phenomenon

We speak with Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie, Adjunct Research Fellow with Curtin University’s School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts and founder and creative director at Games We Play about the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokemon Go. A bit of editorial (aka ranting) from some of the Indymedia team who couldn’t help but also weigh in […]

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Chinese Australian Forum’s social media campaign to highlight incidents of racial abuse

In the wake of far right politician Pauline Hanson’s success in Australia’s federal election, community group the Chinese Australian Forum has launched a social media campaign to highlight incidents of racial abuse, and to raise concerns about the potential for this in the future. Indymedia spoke to the Forum’s president Kenrick Cheah to find out […]

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NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo, encouraging a boycott of Black Friday Consumerism.

ImportantCool associate Allison Petite on the recent racial violence in the United States

Indymedia speaks with ImportantCool associate Allison Petite who was in Dallas shortly before the deadly shootings of police officers in her ongoing coverage of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We hear about her experience, as a black woman, of the racial tension in the United States in these tumultuous times.

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Prof Paul Flatau Director Centre for Social Impact UWA on upcoming Social Impact Festival in Perth

Professor Paul Flatau Director Centre for Social Impact UWA on upcoming Social Impact Festival in Perth. The Social Impact Festival is aiming to connect and celebrate the people, organisations, ideas, networks and collaborations for social change across WA. Check out

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Marziya Mohammedali on the burkini ban controversy in France

Karun Cowper speaks with Perth Muslim and social justice activist Marziya Mohammedali about the French Muslim citizen made to undress by four armed police as she lay on the beach.  While beachgoers looked on, the 38-year-old was made to remove her burkini under the watch of four French policeman in accordance with a controversial new […]

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Historian and activist Cedric Beistatch on what #Brexit means for the UK and Europe

The days following the British referendum to leave the EU, the Brexit, have seen political turmoil for both major parties in the UK. Meanwhile reports of racist violence has skyrocketed. Ray Grenfell speaks to historian and activist Cedric Beistatch to get an idea as to what this vote means for the UK and Europe.

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