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Panel discussion “Kerosene Tins & Love Hearts” – Stolen Generations photo exhibition

This weekend just gone, the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corportation, with the support of the CFMEU, presented a panel discussion and photo exhibition “Kerosene Tins and Love Hearts” on the past policies and legislation of the 1905 Native Welfare Act primarily focused on the Stolen Generations and the ingrained trauma associated with the after effects of these […]

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Holding Hands for Catalan Independence NYC #CatalanWay #ViaCatalana #ViaCatalanaMon

Author Luke Stobart on the Catalan independence referendum: An eyewitness account

Luke Stobart is an author, academic and activist, who was in Catalonia on the day of the independence referendum, involved amongst other things in a dramatic demonstration to defend a polling station from the Spanish national police. He is currently working on a book for Verso Press, on the multiple crises facing the Spanish state, […]

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Dezeray MADR

Dezeray Lyn from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief on autonomously organised responses to Hurricane Irma

Belinda spoke with Dezeray from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Florida, where they have been organising and delivering aid in response to Hurricane Irma. She discusses their model of grassroots anarchist organising, the opportunism of the State in times of crisis, and inequality in access to care. She concludes with analysis of what it means […]

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