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Tom Clarke from the Timor Sea Justice campaign

Bugs placed in foreign government offices, withdrawals from international legal obligations, the suppression of witness statements. Sound like the actions of a rogue state? North Korea perhaps? Iran? In fact it describes just part of Australia’s conduct in its efforts to secure an unjust share of revenue from the Greater Sunrise oil and gas field, […]

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Amanda Cahill Director for the Centre for Social Change on post-capitalism in the here and now

Karun Cowper speaks with Amanda Cahill, director and founder of the Centre for Social Change about post-capitalism in the here and now. Amanda has spent nearly two decades working on community development projects in countries as diverse as Brazil, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Timor-Leste and Indigenous Australia.

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Bita Shams, spokesperson from the local SAVE IRAN group, on recent solidarity rallies in Perth

Since 28 December, people in cities and towns across Iran have been protesting against a range of socioeconomic and political concerns, calling for controls on inflation, freedom of press and freedom of speech. They have faced strong crackdowns from the government of President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, with arrests numbering around 3700, […]

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Amnesty International’s Roxanne Moore on the need for a national plan for youth justice in Australia

Indymedia’s Cas Smith speaks with Roxanne Moore – Indigenous Rights Campaigner with Amnesty International Australia – on the need for a national plan to assess the treatment of young people in Australia’s justice system, many of whom are Aboriginal.

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Melbourne activist and funny man Sean Bedlam on his Fringe Festival show “Death to America”

Ray Grenfell and Karun Cowper talk to Melbourne activist and funny man Sean Bedlam about his Fringe comedy gig “Death to America”….. “It is 2017. The United States of America has lost its mind. The world looks on as the American Dream becomes a nightmare. Should we let these idiots take us down with them? […]

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