24th June #dataretention #prism #selfcare #minorparties

Senator Scott Ludlam on the tabling today of a parliamentary joint commitee report entitled “the National Security Inquiry”. We explore with Scott the issue of proposed mandatory data retention, enhanced powers to ASIO, the threat to data encryption which the report addresses in light of the extraordinary recent revelations of the US’s NSA #PRISM programme by whistleblower Edward Snowden. We also speak with him about the Greens response to the homelessness issue which includes a target of 7000 homes to be build nationally.

A report compiled from recordings of at “Now That’s a Party” a recent forum of candidates from smaller parties in Perth organised by GetUp!. On the panel were; Fiona Patten – Sex Party, Greg Barns – Wikileaks Party, Brendan Molloy – Pirate Party, Sam Wainwright – Socialist Alliance and Senator Scott Ludlam – Australian Greens.

Also an interview with the Melbourne Street Medic Collective on self care in activist communities…



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