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Radioactive Exposure Tour 2018 with Friends of the Earth and ICAN Australia

Karun Cowper speaks with anti-nuclear activists Jessica Lawson and Jemila Rushton about the generations of anti-nuclear activists, military whistleblowers, founders of ICAN Australia, the Medical Association for the Prevention of War, and staunch traditional owners whom are all presently participating in the Radioactive Exposure Tour in South Australia. #RadTour2018 #RadioactiveExposureTour #NuclearBan #DontDumpOnSA #ShutRoxbyDown

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National day of action on early childhood educator wages

Tuesday 27th March is Keep Your Children at Home Day, an initiative organised by the United Voice Union as part of their Big Steps campaign. It aims to highlight the low wages of early childhood educators, who at $21 an hour are paid only around half the average national wage. Alex Whisson caught up this […]

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Ben Hillier from the Tamil Refugee Council condemning an early morning raid of Tamil refugee family

The Tamil Refugee Council has condemned an early morning raid in which a refugee family was given just ten minutes to gather belongings before being flown to Melbourne and detained at the Broadmeadows detention centre (MITA – Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation). Priya, her husband Nadesalingam and their daughters – 9-month-old Dharuniga and 2-year-old Kopiga, born […]

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Pacha Guzman activist with the Ezequiel Zamora National Campesino Front

Venezuela is not a country one often sees in the news. When stories do appear, they tend to present a very one dimensional, often lurid picture. Footage of violent anti-government protests, empty supermarket shelves, hyper-inflation, and a President, Nicolas Madura, apparently intent on claiming absolute power over the state. Rarely do we hear the voices […]

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Aisha Novakovich Australian Modest Fashion Entrepreneur in the age of Islamophobia

Karun Cowper speaks to CEO of Modest Fashion Project Aisha Novakovich about the booming modest fashion market in a time of Islamophobia. The growing demand for modest clothing is not just limited to people of Islamic faith and is estimated to be worth US $368 billion by 2019. Meanwhile former prime minister of Australia Tony […]

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Tom Clarke from the Timor Sea Justice campaign

Bugs placed in foreign government offices, withdrawals from international legal obligations, the suppression of witness statements. Sound like the actions of a rogue state? North Korea perhaps? Iran? In fact it describes just part of Australia’s conduct in its efforts to secure an unjust share of revenue from the Greater Sunrise oil and gas field, […]

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Amanda Cahill Director for the Centre for Social Change on post-capitalism in the here and now

Karun Cowper speaks with Amanda Cahill, director and founder of the Centre for Social Change about post-capitalism in the here and now. Amanda has spent nearly two decades working on community development projects in countries as diverse as Brazil, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Timor-Leste and Indigenous Australia.

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Bita Shams, spokesperson from the local SAVE IRAN group, on recent solidarity rallies in Perth

Since 28 December, people in cities and towns across Iran have been protesting against a range of socioeconomic and political concerns, calling for controls on inflation, freedom of press and freedom of speech. They have faced strong crackdowns from the government of President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, with arrests numbering around 3700, […]

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Amnesty International’s Roxanne Moore on the need for a national plan for youth justice in Australia

Indymedia’s Cas Smith speaks with Roxanne Moore – Indigenous Rights Campaigner with Amnesty International Australia – on the need for a national plan to assess the treatment of young people in Australia’s justice system, many of whom are Aboriginal.

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Melbourne activist and funny man Sean Bedlam on his Fringe Festival show “Death to America”

Ray Grenfell and Karun Cowper talk to Melbourne activist and funny man Sean Bedlam about his Fringe comedy gig “Death to America”….. “It is 2017. The United States of America has lost its mind. The world looks on as the American Dream becomes a nightmare. Should we let these idiots take us down with them? […]

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Suresh Rajan on racial profiling of youth in Melbourne

Following weeks of media focus on ‘gang crime’ among Melbourne youth, and related comments from Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton referring to ‘African gangs’, Ethnic Communities Council WA spokesman Suresh Rajan spoke with Caroline Smith about racial profiling in the media and Australian politics.

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Lee Carter blazes trail for democratic socialism in Virginia’s House of Delegates

Lee Carter is a 30-year-old socialist who recently defeated Jackson Miller – the powerful Republican Whip in Virginia’s House of Delegates, the state legislature of Virginia. Lee was born into a military family in North Carolina and spent five years in the Marines before moving Virginia, where a workplace accident and subsequent unjust treatment fired […]

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Mark Griffiths blockchain developer with Power Ledger on their partnership with City of Fremantle

Recently the Australian government announced they will provide millions in funding for a cutting edge project in the City of Fremantle featuring the use of blockchain-powered distributed energy and water systems. Karun Cowper speaks with Marc Griffiths blockchain developer with Power Ledger on this innovative project and on how blockchain technology can transform our society.

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Panel discussion “Kerosene Tins & Love Hearts” – Stolen Generations photo exhibition

This weekend just gone, the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corportation, with the support of the CFMEU, presented a panel discussion and photo exhibition “Kerosene Tins and Love Hearts” on the past policies and legislation of the 1905 Native Welfare Act primarily focused on the Stolen Generations and the ingrained trauma associated with the after effects of these […]

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Holding Hands for Catalan Independence NYC #CatalanWay #ViaCatalana #ViaCatalanaMon

Author Luke Stobart on the Catalan independence referendum: An eyewitness account

Luke Stobart is an author, academic and activist, who was in Catalonia on the day of the independence referendum, involved amongst other things in a dramatic demonstration to defend a polling station from the Spanish national police. He is currently working on a book for Verso Press, on the multiple crises facing the Spanish state, […]

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Dezeray MADR

Dezeray Lyn from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief on autonomously organised responses to Hurricane Irma

Belinda spoke with Dezeray from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Florida, where they have been organising and delivering aid in response to Hurricane Irma. She discusses their model of grassroots anarchist organising, the opportunism of the State in times of crisis, and inequality in access to care. She concludes with analysis of what it means […]

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Dr Michelle Maloney on the New Economy Network and upcoming conference

Karun Cowper speaks to Dr Michelle Maloney of the New Economy Network Australian about the upcoming ‘Building a New Economy for Australia’ which is being held from 1-3 September 2017 in Brisbane. Building on the inaugural 2016 conference held in Sydney, the 2017 gathering invites people to come together to share stories of success, address […]

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Lenny van den Haak and Rosanne Scott on the Activate Tree Planting festival

Lenny van den Haak and Rosanne Scott on the Activate Tree Planting festival. “ACTIVATE the Wheatbelt invites you to join us in York for the weekend of July 28th-30th to help us plant 26000 seedlings. This enjoyable weekend will consist of tree planting, live music, DJs, dancing, community and education. This is a drug free […]

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Dennis Simmons speaking at the “Standing in solidarity with Kalgoorlie” event

On Friday, the Supreme Court in Perth issued a shameful verdict on the killing of indigenous boy Elijah Doughty, who was run down by a utility vehicle in August last year in Kalgoorlie while riding a small motorcycle. Despite evidence that the driver had intended to at least injure the boy, and social media posts […]

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Cam Walker of Friends of the Earth Melbourne on the battle to maintain Deductible Gift Recipient status for environmental groups

Karun Cowper speaks with Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth Melbourne on the battle to maintain Deductible Gift Recipient status for environmental groups as the Turnbull government renews their attack. Those inspired to make their voice heard in dissent to this please head to –

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Voices from the #NoG20 demonstrations

Indymedia’s Raymond Grenfell was in Hamburg for the G20 Summit, covering the events for Indymedia. There were impressive demonstrations and riots throughout the summit including a Block G20 action that managed to delay delegations arriving and disrupt events, including stopping Melania Trump attending a G20 leader’s spouse event. Saturday saw an estimated two hundred thousand […]

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Katie Stubley co-director of the Social Impact Festival

Karun Cowper chats with Katie Stubley, co-director of the Social Impact Festival – a platform for cutting-edge knowledge and ideas, celebrating initiatives creating positive change, and generating insights that address complex social problems. Running from July 18-28.

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Sea Watch at G20 Protests

Indymedia’s Ray Grenfell speaks to Max from sea rescue organization Sea Watch. The group engage in direct action to rescue refugees and migrants in the mediterranean sea. Max discussed the relevance of G20 and why the organization are demonstrating in the protests. More about Sea Watch: Since the year 2000 more than 23.000 people died […]

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Lock the Gate campaigner Simone Van Hattem with the latest from the anti-fracking campaign in WA

In a week where Treasurer Scott Morrison has been accused of blackmailing his state and territory counterparts after threatening to cut their GST share for placing restrictions on fracking, Karun Cowper spoke to local Lock the Gate regional campaigner Simone Van Hattem. Apart from these very concerning noises on a federal level, there are some […]

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WACA activist Salli Hunter Channel 7 on the refugee protest in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct

Karun Cowper spoke to Salli Hunter, human rights activist and member of the magnificent WACA (Whistleblowers Activist Citizens Alliance) about their action on Friday hanging a banner reading “Border Force Tortures Refugees – Deportations = Death” off the Channel 7 building in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. The building was in a direct line of sight of […]

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US bases tour Western Australia 2017

Last weekend a group of concerned citizens conducted a tour of US/Australia military facilities in WA such as the spy base near Geraldton, in order to raise awareness of the role these facilities play in US hegemony. The trip coincided with a National Day of Action to ban nuclear weapons ahead of UN negotiations to […]

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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) theorist Michel Bauwens on creating a new world in the shell of the old

Peer-to-Peer theorist and activist Michel Bauwens is a leading figure in P2P and commons oriented thinking and a swiftly emerging alternative post-capitalist world. Indymedia’s Karun Cowper spoke to Michel about this emergence and what hope and tangible solutions it provides in the Trump era.

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Valerie Farfalla from the Australian Unemployed Workers Union on federal government plans to trial the mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients

Indymedia’s Raymond Grenfell speaks to Valerie Farfalla from the Australian Unemployed Workers Union (AUWU) regarding federal government plans to trial the mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients.

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Meredith Hammat Secretary UnionsWA on a wage rise for WA’s lowest-paid workers

The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission last week began hearings for the State Wage Case which will set the wages for some of the lowest paid working people in WA, those on the WA Minimum Wage and state awards. Around 100,000 people rely on this decision to determine their wages. Again, this year the peak […]

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