Bella Bropho on the Police Invasion of Matagarup Refugee Camp

Bella Bropho discusses the latest police invasion of the refugee camp at Matagarup. She is one of the participants in this camp and the interview was recorded at the site. This is a sacred Indigenous site that is serving as a refugee camp for people who are being affected by the closure of Indigenous communities. Once again the police ripped down and stole all of their tents and are also blocking access to the parking lot.

You can read more about this raid and how you can help by providing supplies to the camp…/?type=1&fref=nf

You can find out more about the closure of Indigenous communities here:

This interview was played on the 22nd of June 2015 episode of RTR92.1FM Indymedia. You can listen to this episode at this link (just select 22nd June episode on the little calendar on the left)



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