Breana Macpherson-Rice on the recent UNSW Flood the Campus action

Flood the Campus last week saw students from 7 university divestment campaigns across Australia take escalatory action in order to send a strong message to their uni to stop funding climate change.

The fossil free uni groups are asking their uni to divest the millions of dollars they have currently invested in the fossil fuel industry in order to avoid dangerous levels of warming and catastrophic climate change risking their future.

It is known that in order to do this 80% of fossil fuels must be kept in the ground, yet here in Australia there are massive new coal mines being approved. It is for this reason that after 3 years of campaigning fossil free uni groups took direct action to flood the campus. This included UNSW occupying their council chambers for 38 hours.

Indymedia’s Aleesha Hanczakowski spoke to Breana Macpherson-Rice from the UNSW action.



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