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Amnesty International’s Roxanne Moore on the need for a national plan for youth justice in Australia

Indymedia’s Cas Smith speaks with Roxanne Moore – Indigenous Rights Campaigner with Amnesty International Australia – on the need for a national plan to assess the treatment of young people in Australia’s justice system, many of whom are Aboriginal.

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Panel discussion “Kerosene Tins & Love Hearts” – Stolen Generations photo exhibition

This weekend just gone, the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corportation, with the support of the CFMEU, presented a panel discussion and photo exhibition “Kerosene Tins and Love Hearts” on the past policies and legislation of the 1905 Native Welfare Act primarily focused on the Stolen Generations and the ingrained trauma associated with the after effects of these […]

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Dennis Simmons speaking at the “Standing in solidarity with Kalgoorlie” event

On Friday, the Supreme Court in Perth issued a shameful verdict on the killing of indigenous boy Elijah Doughty, who was run down by a utility vehicle in August last year in Kalgoorlie while riding a small motorcycle. Despite evidence that the driver had intended to at least injure the boy, and social media posts […]

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Brisbane tent embassy’s Bogaine Spearim on Invasion Day

In recent years we’ve seen a renaissance of the struggle for Aboriginal self-determination. From the rebirth of the Canberra tent embassy to our own Matagarup encampment and the ongoing campaign against deaths in custody, many valiant and self-sacrificing leaders have emerged. Brisbane-based Bogaine Spearim is one such champion of this new movement. We spoke to […]

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Robert Eggington on the critical response program to tackle high WA Indigenous suicide rate

We talk to Robert Eggington of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation in the wake of the Federal Government’s pledged $1 million to set up a “critical response” project to tackle Indigenous suicide in Western Australia. The Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation has worked with the Aboriginal community at the grassroots level for 30 years in a wide ranging […]

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Bella Bropho on the Police Invasion of Matagarup Refugee Camp

Bella Bropho discusses the latest police invasion of the refugee camp at Matagarup. She is one of the participants in this camp and the interview was recorded at the site. This is a sacred Indigenous site that is serving as a refugee camp for people who are being affected by the closure of Indigenous communities. […]

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Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities  (4 of 23)-web

Tammy Solonec on Amnesty report finding Aboriginal youths 24 times more likely to be in detention

Tammy Solonec Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Manager at Amnesty International Australia speaks with us about their new report which finds Aboriginal youths are 24 times more likely to be in detention. The report is available from the following link –…onal_report.pdf

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Sam Cook of SOS Blak Australia on protests against remote community closures – 4th May 2015

In the wake of seven weeks of global protest against the closure of remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia, we spoke to organiser Sam Cook, from SOS Blak Australia, about the significance of the movement.

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Extended interview: Robert and Selina Eggington of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation on their battle to maintain the Kyana Gallery

The Kyana Gallery, important bastion of cultural artefacts and artworks, and home to Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation and it’s cultural, healing, educational and political advocacy is under threat from the Indigenous Land Corporation by the lease being dissolved. We talk with Robert and Selina about their life long work and their battle to continue their work.

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Robert Eggington of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation reading a piece that was to be published in ‘The West Australian’

Robert Eggington of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation reading a piece that was to be published in ‘The West Australian’. Disgracefully the opinion piece was rejected by the West Australian editors in a blatantly prejudicial decision. This talk was recorded at the Perth Trans Pacific Partnership Forum on the 5/2/2014. Audio here…. Video here…

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15th July #indigenous #iraq

Swan River elder Albert Corunna joins us tonight to share his concerns about the deal Barnett is offering to the Noongar people of the Southwest. And, with the sectarian bloodshed worsening every day on the streets of Iraq, we replay an interview with Iraqi academic-in-exile Sami Ramadani on ten years since the American invasion of […]

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8th July #indigenous #landrights #prism #snowden

With the finalisation of Premier Colin Barnett’s offer of settlement for the Noongar people, we speak to South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council CEO Glen Kerry on the merits or otherwise of the deal. And the Indymedia crew will also be breaking you a highlights package from Saturday’s PRISM Break protest, an event held […]

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27th May #homelessness #indigenousrights

Chantal Roberts, Executive Officer of Shelter WA, on the ever-worsening housing crisis in this State at a time when the economy is booming…for some of us. Nyoongah cultural educator and community leader Dennis Simmons on Reconciliation Week, the Adam Goodes “affair” and the recent crisis summit on Aboriginal suicide. Plus news from Democracy Now and […]

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20th May #GMO #monsanto #studentactivism #indigenousrights

On the show anti-GMO campaigner Janet Grogan on this Saturday’s March Against Monsanto, and academic & union activist Claire Parfitt on last week’s strike at Sydney University. Also a chat with law student, Aboriginal rights activist and tent embassy organiser Marianne Mackay about the possible looming showdown at Matagarup (Herrison Island) in the wake of […]

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6th May #suicide #indigenous #iraqwar

A discussion about the tragic rates of suicide in the Aboriginal community with the Directors of Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation Robert and Selina Eggington and Maar Koodjal cultural educator and community leader Dennis Simmons. Sami Ramadani, senior lecturer in sociology at London Metropolitan University and a political refugee from Iraq on the 10 years of the […]

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