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Iraq war veteran Vincent Emmanuele on the Paris terrorist attack

US Iraq war veteran Vincent Emanuele is currently in Australia supporting the release of the documentary “We Are Many” – the story of the biggest demonstration in human history, which took place on 15th February 2003, against the then impending war on Iraq. We talk to him about the film and the echoes at this […]

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Alison Broinowski on the Australians for War Powers Reform initiative – 11 May 2014

Former Australian diplomat and academic Alison Broinowski on the Australians for War Powers Reform initiative as part of the ongoing project of the Campaign for an Iraq War Inquiry, established in 2012. The initiative is one from prominent Australians who believe that the decision to commit the Australian Defence Force to international armed conflict should […]

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15th July #indigenous #iraq

Swan River elder Albert Corunna joins us tonight to share his concerns about the deal Barnett is offering to the Noongar people of the Southwest. And, with the sectarian bloodshed worsening every day on the streets of Iraq, we replay an interview with Iraqi academic-in-exile Sami Ramadani on ten years since the American invasion of […]

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6th May #suicide #indigenous #iraqwar

A discussion about the tragic rates of suicide in the Aboriginal community with the Directors of Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation Robert and Selina Eggington and Maar Koodjal cultural educator and community leader Dennis Simmons. Sami Ramadani, senior lecturer in sociology at London Metropolitan University and a political refugee from Iraq on the 10 years of the […]

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