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26th August #wikileaks #vulturecapitalism #troubadourextraordinaire

More on the Wikileaks preference saga, Gerry Georgatos, number one Senate candidate for the Wikileaks Party, and the man at the centre of this huge controversy. In response we have Greens Senator Scott Ludlam and his take on how things might play out in the WA Senate race in the context of the Wikileaks-Nationals bombshell. […]

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3rd June #refugeerights #occupy

We’re  joined by Marcus Hampson of the Refugee Rights Action Network on the Monty Pythonesque excision of Australia from its own migration zone, the disturbing revelations of Mark Davis’ Dateline report on Manus Island, and other developments on the ever-worsening refugee policy front. Also we talk to Joshua Stephens from New York’s Institute of Anarchist […]

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