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Amanda Cahill Director for the Centre for Social Change on post-capitalism in the here and now

Karun Cowper speaks with Amanda Cahill, director and founder of the Centre for Social Change about post-capitalism in the here and now. Amanda has spent nearly two decades working on community development projects in countries as diverse as Brazil, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Timor-Leste and Indigenous Australia.

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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) theorist Michel Bauwens on creating a new world in the shell of the old

Peer-to-Peer theorist and activist Michel Bauwens is a leading figure in P2P and commons oriented thinking and a swiftly emerging alternative post-capitalist world. Indymedia’s Karun Cowper spoke to Michel about this emergence and what hope and tangible solutions it provides in the Trump era.

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Inventor Daniel Connell – anyone who “can cut paper and hold a drill” can have their own wind power

Extended interview with inventor and open source technology designer Daniel Connell who says anyone who “can cut paper and hold a drill” can have their own wind turbine using $20-30 worth of easily sourced local recycled materials and basic hand tools. He’s got a workshop coming up this weekend in Perth – check out

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Exploring alternative and preferred futures with renowned futurist Professor Sohail Inayatullah

Professor Sohail Inayatullah is Unesco Chair in Futures Studies associated with Tamkang University, Taiwan; University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and Mt Eliza Executive Education, the University of Melbourne. Karun Cowper speaks to Professor Inayatullah about his work assisting local and global organisations and institutions create alternative and preferred futures.

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Dr Miguel A. Martínez on capitalism in crisis and the squatting movement

Capitalism is in crisis, the politics of austerity and debt are crippling much Europe and the world. Meanwhile we face some of the biggest environmental challenges any generation has ever faced. But within the social, environmental and economic crisis, alternatives are being born. The squatted social centre movement in Spain has played a key role […]

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