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Suresh Rajan on racial profiling of youth in Melbourne

Following weeks of media focus on ‘gang crime’ among Melbourne youth, and related comments from Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton referring to ‘African gangs’, Ethnic Communities Council WA spokesman Suresh Rajan spoke with Caroline Smith about racial profiling in the media and Australian politics.

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Jeff Sparrow on Hanson 2.0 and the fight against racism

Jeff Sparrow is the author of Radical Melbourne: A Secret History, former editor of Overland literary journal, and one of the hosts of 3RRR’s Breakfasters program. He is also a regular columnist for the Guardian. Alex Whisson spoke to him regarding the return of Pauline Hanson to federal parliament, the rise of Islamophobia, and the […]

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Black Lives Matter Here Too

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to cause reverberations throughout the United States, exposing the racist core at the heart of the world’s most powerful nation. But racism is integral to the functioning of capitalism in Australia too, as Aboriginal deaths in custody, Islamophobia, and hatred of refugees continue to leave a dark stain on […]

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Chinese Australian Forum’s social media campaign to highlight incidents of racial abuse

In the wake of far right politician Pauline Hanson’s success in Australia’s federal election, community group the Chinese Australian Forum has launched a social media campaign to highlight incidents of racial abuse, and to raise concerns about the potential for this in the future. Indymedia spoke to the Forum’s president Kenrick Cheah to find out […]

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NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo, encouraging a boycott of Black Friday Consumerism.

ImportantCool associate Allison Petite on the recent racial violence in the United States

Indymedia speaks with ImportantCool associate Allison Petite who was in Dallas shortly before the deadly shootings of police officers in her ongoing coverage of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We hear about her experience, as a black woman, of the racial tension in the United States in these tumultuous times.

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Debriefing the weekends Reclaim Australia v Racial Equality clashes over the weekend

Debriefing the weekends Reclaim Australia v Racial Equality clashes over the weekend with Love Makes a Way campaigner Jarrod McKenna, Refugee Rights Action Network WA organiser Victoria Martin and comedian and Muslim woman Leah Aliyyah Cornish-Ward.

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