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Jon Lawrence Executive Officer of Electronic Frontiers Australia about the Abbott government’s proposed fast tracking of a mandatory data retention scheme

We speak with Jon Lawrence Executive Officer of Electronic Frontiers Australia about the Abbott government’s proposed fast tracking of a mandatory data retention scheme on the pretence of a ‘rising threat of home grown terrorism’. We also speak with him about proposed (and likely connected) “reforms” to the Copyright Act.

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Extended interview: Robert and Selina Eggington of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation on their battle to maintain the Kyana Gallery

The Kyana Gallery, important bastion of cultural artefacts and artworks, and home to Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation and it’s cultural, healing, educational and political advocacy is under threat from the Indigenous Land Corporation by the lease being dissolved. We talk with Robert and Selina about their life long work and their battle to continue their work.

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Indonesian activist Bintang about the emerging Farmers Movement

This week we spoke to Indonesian activist Bintang about the emerging Farmers Movement in his home country. There is an information night and film screening on this issue coming up this Sunday at the Earthwise Community Centre. Please consider attending.

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Journalist Patrick Galey on Yemen becoming the front line in US drone war

Patrick Galey is a journalist specialising in Middle Eastern affairs investigating the impact of the global war on terror – including drone strikes and the deprivation of citizenship – for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London. We speak with him about his recent article – – which explores the shift in the US drone war from Pakistan […]

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Luke Stobart – What’s happening with the #indignados?

Luke Stobart is a writer and researcher based in Barcelona and London and has published books on globalisation and the anti-war movement.  We speak with him about recent events in Madrid and more broadly about the Indignado movement in Spain. See also… You can follow Luke on twitter – @CaminoCielos.    

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Award-winning filmmaker John Pilger on Utopia

When you think Utopia, you think of a pristine, untainted world. However, in his new documentary about Australia, award-winning filmmaker John Pilger reveals our nations tainted history and a place long at the centre of indigenous identity called Utopia that’s now is a fraction of its former self. John Pilger joined Morning Magazine presenter Rewi […]

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Dr Theresa Petray on self-determination in Indigenous education

Dr Theresa Petray works at James Cook University in Townsville in the disciplines of sociology and anthropology. Her work focuses on social movements and activism – in particular, Aboriginal activism. This interview covers some of the issues explored in Petray’s article ‘Punishing Truancy is not the Answer in Indigenous Communities‘, where she argues for self-determination […]

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Activism and human rights in China

This interview with a young activist currently living in China covers a range of important issues relating to activism and human rights in China, including: the state repression of social movements, human rights abuses in China and the reaction from the West, and how people in the West can take action on behalf of Chinese […]

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Kelsey Cook from Getup on 17th November Climate Action

We talk with Kelsey Cook from Getup about the upcoming climate action… “On 17th November join thousands of Australians in every capital city and hundreds of regional towns to make it clear that the majority of Australians want climate action. Summer has come early and bushfires are already burning. But in a few weeks we […]

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Jaimie Yallup 350 Perth on Carbon Divestment

Everyone’s talking about it. From Obama and Desmond Tutu to the IEA and Lord Stern. Already 16 local governments, 11 religious institutions, 6 universities and 3 major foundations have committed to divest from fossil fuels. Even major pension funds, insurers and banks are coming aboard. But is divestment really the climate game changer it’s being […]

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29th July #egypt #wikileaks

We have Egyptian Community of WA’s Ahmed Lebedi’s take on the events of June 30 and their aftermath. Was it a coup, another phase in the revolution, or something more complex? And we talk to man-of-many-hats and recently announced Wikileaks Party Senate candidate Gerry Georgatos on the pre-election political landscape, and the role Wikileaks might […]

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1st July #egypt #powershift2013 #radicalspaces

On tonight’s show, listen in from 7pm… Reham Maklad, activist with the Independent Egyptians Abroad Alliance of Australia on the latest wave of massive protests in Egypt against the Morsi regime. Alexandra Scott from 350 Perth and ARTillery (Amnesty International) currently in Istanbul participating in Global Power Shift – “the starting point for a new […]

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24th June #dataretention #prism #selfcare #minorparties

Senator Scott Ludlam on the tabling today of a parliamentary joint commitee report entitled “the National Security Inquiry”. We explore with Scott the issue of proposed mandatory data retention, enhanced powers to ASIO, the threat to data encryption which the report addresses in light of the extraordinary recent revelations of the US’s NSA #PRISM programme by whistleblower Edward […]

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Perth Indymedia 17th September 2012

Restream the show from 17th September 2012; Katie and Nick discuss a recent puppy slaughter case and link this to broader themes of animal rights. Interview Kevin Dunn Head of School and Professor in Human Geography and Urban Studies at University of Western Sydney (UWS) on the protests across the Muslim world sparked by an online film that mocks Islam’s […]

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Perth Indymedia 27th August 2012

Restream the show from 27th August 2012; An interview with Virginia Brown, independent, prominent Perth feminist activist on the importance of taking the sexual assault allegations against Julian Assange seriously. Dr Brian Senewiratne, long time advocate of the Tamil people ahead of his speaking tour in Perth. Rebecca Doyle from the UWA based Feminist Action Network […]

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“Interview” (?) with Local Comedians Jeff Hewitt, Corey White, Tien Tran.

Jamming with the fellas – on Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and general shenanigans. Click here to listen to part 1 Click here to listen to part 2 You can follow Jeff on twitter – Corey also – Tien @

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Perth Indymedia 20th August 2012

A special Radiothon edition of Perth Indymedia – catch the restream from the following link – Funny men – Jeff Hewitt, Corey White, Tien Tran, Melbourne poet Steve Smart and veteran journo and twitter fiend Tony Serve…full house in the studio tonight for Radiothon – should be a scream… Not too late to subscribe and […]

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Perth Indymedia 13th August 2012

This evening on Perth Indymedia RTR at 7pm… or tune in to the restream at Louise O’Shea – Equal Love Melbourne – on the Australia wide rally’s on the weekend – Phil Chilton – Refugee Rights Action Network – on the somewhat less than inspiring findings of the Houston report released today – […]

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