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CEO of Financial Couselling WA on the withdrawal of funding for financial counsellors in WA

With the economy weakening, and job losses on the horizon for many West Australians, many are turning to financial counsellors for support- but the sector is also being hit with budget cuts, and is expected to lose around 50 jobs this year. For more on the perfect storm this might create, we spoke to Charles […]

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Ruah Community Services chief executive Francis Lynch on poverty and homelessness in Perth

Despite the wealth existing in Perth, poverty and homelessness are problems that are on the rise, with many people forced to sleep rough on our streets. Indymedia spoke to Ruah Community Services chief executive Francis Lynch about how things need to change.

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Professor Fabrizio Carmignani on Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty First Century’

Earlier this year, French economist Thomas Piketty released his book ‘Capital in the Twenty First Century’ in English, to wide acclaim. In it, he argues that inequality is rising, and reaching levels not seen since the early 20th century. To get some perspective on these writings, we spoke to Professor Fabrizio Carmignani from Griffith University.

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