Dennis Simmons speaking at the “Standing in solidarity with Kalgoorlie” event

On Friday, the Supreme Court in Perth issued a shameful verdict on the killing of indigenous boy Elijah Doughty, who was run down by a utility vehicle in August last year in Kalgoorlie while riding a small motorcycle. Despite evidence that the driver had intended to at least injure the boy, and social media posts in the community urging vigilante violence against Aboriginal people, the jury refused to convict the man of manslaughter, instead returning a verdict of dangerous driving occasioning death – essentially a traffic infringement. Despite being in mourning, the local Aboriginal community has been galvanised into supporting the family, with a vigil being held on Friday evening and a rally on Sunday to stand in solidarity with the Kalgoorlie community. Following is a speech from yesterday’s rally, by community leader Dennis Simmons, who organised a cultural dancing group to take part in the event.

(photos courtesy Simon Stevens)



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