Juan Diosdado participant in the #NuitDebout (Rise up at night!) movement in France

French people, mostly students have been rallying for more than a month against labor law reforms recently proposed by Labor Minister Myriam El Khomri.

The French protests went under the #NuitDebout (Rise Up At Night)and has been compared to Occupy Wall Street of the United States and the anti-austerity 15-M or Indignados movement of Spain.

The movement is centred at Paris’s Place de la République, where protestors have held nightly assemblies following the March 31 protest. The movement has spread to dozens of other cities and towns in France and to neighbouring countries in Europe.

Karun Cowper spoke to a participant in one of the “digital” commissions, a working group or committee that is working on the technology and digital tools of the movement, Juan Diosdado.




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