Lee Carter blazes trail for democratic socialism in Virginia’s House of Delegates

Lee Carter is a 30-year-old socialist who recently defeated Jackson Miller – the powerful Republican Whip in Virginia’s House of Delegates, the state legislature of Virginia.

Lee was born into a military family in North Carolina and spent five years in the Marines before moving Virginia, where a workplace accident and subsequent unjust treatment fired his passion for workers’ rights and building a better society.

Lee’s campaign platform was unashamedly left-wing: promoting universal healthcare, free education, collective bargaining, criminal justice reform, and womens’ rights.

The Republicans’ use of 1950s red-baiting scare tactics against Lee fell flat.

More and more Americans are rejecting the establishment politics of both major parties and exploring the ideas of workers’ power, organised labour, and social democracy.

Giovanni Torre and Alex Whisson interviewed him for Indymedia this week.



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