Melbourne activist and funny man Sean Bedlam on his Fringe Festival show “Death to America”

Ray Grenfell and Karun Cowper talk to Melbourne activist and funny man Sean Bedlam about his Fringe comedy gig “Death to America”…..

“It is 2017. The United States of America has lost its mind. The world looks on as the American Dream becomes a nightmare. Should we let these idiots take us down with them? Obviously the answer is no, but you’ll be surprised to learn the solution includes nuking New Zealand.

Come, let comedian-philosopher Sean Bedlam take you on a joke journey (or ‘jokeney’) to a beautiful land beyond the end of the world (obviously not New Zealand because we nuked it. Sorry about that, New Zealanders are really cool. We should stop making jokes about them).

Because dreams can come true.”



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