Felicity Ruby on Australia’s Role in the Five Eyes in the age of Trump

Felicity Ruby is a Doctoral candidate at the University of Sydney and former political adviser to Senator Scott Ludlam. Her research is focused on transnational political movements resisting mass surveillance. Indymedia’s Karun Cowper spoke to Felicity about her PhD dissertation entitled “The Fourth Eye: Australia’s Role in the Five Eyes before and after Snowden”. Even […]

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Violence on Manus Island: Behrouz Boochani on Dutton’s lies and what really happened on April 14th

On Friday 14th April, more than 100 shots were fired in to the Manus Island detention centre by armed locals and Navy personnel, following an altercation between asylum seekers and PNG military personnel on a soccer field. The detention centre is technically now under the jurisdiction of the adjacent Lombrum Naval Base. Kurdish journalist and […]

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Boris Kagarlitsky on U.S. Russia tensions after the Shayrat missile strike

Political scientist, director of the Institute of Globalisation and Social Movements, and author Boris Kagarlitsky spoke to Alex Whisson about the implications of Trump’s airstrike on the Shayrat air force base. He began by addressing what is at stake for Moscow in the Syrian conflict, and the nature of Russia’s longer term interests in the […]

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Long time peace activist Jo Vallentine on the Nuclear threat in the age of Trump

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) is currently circulating a public statement to Keep Australia out of U.S. wars – A public call for an Independent and Peaceful Australian foreign policy. The statement will be published in national media outlets, including on-line journals and newsletters. Karun Cowper speaks with former Greens Senator, long-time peace […]

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The Nabi Salih model: Human rights activist Bassem Tamimi on the Palestinian struggle for justice

It seems an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement is further away than ever, with the Netanyahu government approving late last week the first new illegal colonial outpost, commonly referred to as a settlement, in the West Bank in 20 years. Military occupation remains a daily reality for millions of Palestinians, and the people of Gaza continue to […]

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MUA Secretary Chris Cain on Mark McGowan’s victory

In the wake of Mark McGowan’s crushing victory in last weekend’s Western Australian election, MUA State Secretary Chris Cain was quick to remind the Premier-elect of the contribution made by the union movement to his win, telling the press, “We’ve delivered for them so it’s not too much to expect them to deliver for working-class […]

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Samantha Castro on apocalypse pending in America (Fuck Yeah!)

Australian activist Samantha Castro reports back on her recent trip to the “United” States – apocalype pending vibes in Amurica (Fuck Yeah), can our brothers and sisters there stop the train before it goes over the cliff(?), 5 years post-Occupy, wash up of #feelthebern, what the hell is Julian Assange up to (?), the #noDAPL […]

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Jeff Sparrow on Hanson 2.0 and the fight against racism

Jeff Sparrow is the author of Radical Melbourne: A Secret History, former editor of Overland literary journal, and one of the hosts of 3RRR’s Breakfasters program. He is also a regular columnist for the Guardian. Alex Whisson spoke to him regarding the return of Pauline Hanson to federal parliament, the rise of Islamophobia, and the […]

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Morbid Symptoms: Gilbert Achcar on the counter-revolution in the Arab world

In his Prison Notebooks of 1930, the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci wrote, “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.” In his new book, Morbid Symptoms: Relapse in the Arab Uprising, published by Saqi Books, […]

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Catalan activist Saura on the ongoing social revolution in Rojava

The ongoing social revolution in Rojava, within the Kurdish Territories in Northern Syria, is providing inspiration for activists and libertarian socialists around the world. While having to pursue the revolution and self-determination amidst the ongoing war with ISIS and the Assad regime, as well as suffering attacks from Turkey, the Ocalan movement is putting into […]

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Fishbowl journalism and the Don Dale abuse story: A discussion with Chris Graham

The Four Corners report in to institutionalised abuse of children in the Northern Territory, has rightfully caused outrage throughout Australia. It even made headlines in the international press. But how sincere is that outrage when it comes from ‘our’ politicians, the very same people who preside over these systems of injustice? And why do so […]

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Inventor Daniel Connell – anyone who “can cut paper and hold a drill” can have their own wind power

Extended interview with inventor and open source technology designer Daniel Connell who says anyone who “can cut paper and hold a drill” can have their own wind turbine using $20-30 worth of easily sourced local recycled materials and basic hand tools. He’s got a workshop coming up this weekend in Perth – check out

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Black Lives Matter Here Too

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to cause reverberations throughout the United States, exposing the racist core at the heart of the world’s most powerful nation. But racism is integral to the functioning of capitalism in Australia too, as Aboriginal deaths in custody, Islamophobia, and hatred of refugees continue to leave a dark stain on […]

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Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie on the Pokemon Go phenomenon

We speak with Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie, Adjunct Research Fellow with Curtin University’s School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts and founder and creative director at Games We Play about the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokemon Go. A bit of editorial (aka ranting) from some of the Indymedia team who couldn’t help but also weigh in […]

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Chinese Australian Forum’s social media campaign to highlight incidents of racial abuse

In the wake of far right politician Pauline Hanson’s success in Australia’s federal election, community group the Chinese Australian Forum has launched a social media campaign to highlight incidents of racial abuse, and to raise concerns about the potential for this in the future. Indymedia spoke to the Forum’s president Kenrick Cheah to find out […]

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NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo, encouraging a boycott of Black Friday Consumerism.

ImportantCool associate Allison Petite on the recent racial violence in the United States

Indymedia speaks with ImportantCool associate Allison Petite who was in Dallas shortly before the deadly shootings of police officers in her ongoing coverage of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We hear about her experience, as a black woman, of the racial tension in the United States in these tumultuous times.

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Prof Paul Flatau Director Centre for Social Impact UWA on upcoming Social Impact Festival in Perth

Professor Paul Flatau Director Centre for Social Impact UWA on upcoming Social Impact Festival in Perth. The Social Impact Festival is aiming to connect and celebrate the people, organisations, ideas, networks and collaborations for social change across WA. Check out

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Marziya Mohammedali on the burkini ban controversy in France

Karun Cowper speaks with Perth Muslim and social justice activist Marziya Mohammedali about the French Muslim citizen made to undress by four armed police as she lay on the beach.  While beachgoers looked on, the 38-year-old was made to remove her burkini under the watch of four French policeman in accordance with a controversial new […]

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Historian and activist Cedric Beistatch on what #Brexit means for the UK and Europe

The days following the British referendum to leave the EU, the Brexit, have seen political turmoil for both major parties in the UK. Meanwhile reports of racist violence has skyrocketed. Ray Grenfell speaks to historian and activist Cedric Beistatch to get an idea as to what this vote means for the UK and Europe.

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Claire Vanderplank on The Slow Project

Karun Cowper speaks to Claire Vanderplank on The Slow Project – a social change project on Slow Movement that helps people rediscover presence & connection & benefits for individuals. First expressed via Slow Food, ‘Slow’ is popping up in many areas of life (Slow Travel, Slow Thinking, Slow Money, Slow Design, Slow Medicine etc) as […]

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Exploring alternative and preferred futures with renowned futurist Professor Sohail Inayatullah

Professor Sohail Inayatullah is Unesco Chair in Futures Studies associated with Tamkang University, Taiwan; University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and Mt Eliza Executive Education, the University of Melbourne. Karun Cowper speaks to Professor Inayatullah about his work assisting local and global organisations and institutions create alternative and preferred futures.

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Breana Macpherson-Rice on the recent UNSW Flood the Campus action

Flood the Campus last week saw students from 7 university divestment campaigns across Australia take escalatory action in order to send a strong message to their uni to stop funding climate change. The fossil free uni groups are asking their uni to divest the millions of dollars they have currently invested in the fossil fuel […]

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In the Shadow of Gallipoli: The hidden history of Australia in WWI – Robert Bollard

Anzac Day grows more sinister with each passing year. Once a dead letter of a day, ignored by most Australians, it grew spectacularly under the reign of John Winston Howard, and reached its apex of misplaced jingoism and ‘national pride’ in last year’s centenary of the Gallipoli landings. To discuss exactly why the day has […]

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Juan Diosdado participant in the #NuitDebout (Rise up at night!) movement in France

French people, mostly students have been rallying for more than a month against labor law reforms recently proposed by Labor Minister Myriam El Khomri. The French protests went under the #NuitDebout (Rise Up At Night)and has been compared to Occupy Wall Street of the United States and the anti-austerity 15-M or Indignados movement of Spain. […]

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Australian bastardry and Timor-Leste’s fight for maritime justice

The history of Australia’s relationship with Timor-Leste (formerly East Timor) is a long and sordid one. Decades of complicity by both Labor and Liberal governments alike in the Indonesian genocide there led to a great material prize – the carve-up of oil and gas in the Timor Sea. Post-independence for the fledging nation, not a […]

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Menzies Banksia

Mary Gray from the Urban Bushland Council on the draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan

By the government’s own admission its draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan would reduce the already endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoos by a staggering fifty percent. Ray Grenfell chats to Mary Gray from the Urban Bushland Council to dissect the destructive plan and examine possible sustainable alternatives.

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Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) National Conference was held at the University of Pennsylvania from February 3-5. The pro-Palestinian organization held workshops and discussion groups to end the Israeli occupation. UPenn Students for Justice in Palestine and Philly BDS organized the event. Pictured is Ali Abunimah, a Palestinian-American journalist, who was a keynote speaker on Saturday, February 4, 2012 at the conference.  Photography by Peter Tobia

Nick Everett from Friends of Palestine WA on the delayed visa processing of Ali Abunimah

Ali Abunimah is a Palestinan-American journalist, a co-founder of The Electronic Intifada, and the author of several important books on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, including his latest volume The Battle for Justice in Palestine, published by Haymarket Books. A leading proponent of the one-state solution, Abunimah is currently on a speaking tour of Australia. Alex Whisson […]

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Dr Jasmina Brankovich of WAFA on the Barnett government’s Biodiversity Conservation Bill

The Barnett Government has sold out on WA’s unique plants and animals according to the State’s lead forest conservation organisation, the WA Forest Alliance (WAFA). ‘The Government’s Biodiversity Conservation Bill (listed for debate this week) will not protect our precious wildlife,’ said WAFA spokesperson Dr Jasmina Brankovich. ‘

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Natalie Banks on the #ProtectProtestWA rally

The Barnett Government is trying to push through legislation to curtail our right to protest. They want to make it an offence to carry a “thing” with the ‘presumed’ intention of impeding lawful activity. This incredibly vague wording has horrible implications for anybody fighting for what’s right in Western Australia. Read it here:…ill114-1.pdf As […]

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Anglican Rector Father Chris Bedding on #LetThemStay #StandForSanctuary

We speak with the Rector of the Anglican parish of Darlington and refugee campaigner Father Chris Bedding on the recent offering of sanctuary to refugees by churches around the country as the federal government threatens the deportation of 267 refugees to abusive detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru.

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Brisbane tent embassy’s Bogaine Spearim on Invasion Day

In recent years we’ve seen a renaissance of the struggle for Aboriginal self-determination. From the rebirth of the Canberra tent embassy to our own Matagarup encampment and the ongoing campaign against deaths in custody, many valiant and self-sacrificing leaders have emerged. Brisbane-based Bogaine Spearim is one such champion of this new movement. We spoke to […]

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Tony Serve – ‪”#‎standuporbendover”‬ @Borderforce access to ur fonez 📲🖕

We speak with veteran independent journalist and activist Tony Serve who, upon returning from abroad, had his phone and pin demanded of him by Border Force officers, raising further concerns for journos and activists in the day and age of metadata retention laws and the ongoing erosion of our civil liberties.

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barnett dumbartung

Robert Eggington on the critical response program to tackle high WA Indigenous suicide rate

We talk to Robert Eggington of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation in the wake of the Federal Government’s pledged $1 million to set up a “critical response” project to tackle Indigenous suicide in Western Australia. The Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation has worked with the Aboriginal community at the grassroots level for 30 years in a wide ranging […]

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