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Robert Eggington on the critical response program to tackle high WA Indigenous suicide rate

We talk to Robert Eggington of the Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation in the wake of the Federal Government’s pledged $1 million to set up a “critical response” project to tackle Indigenous suicide in Western Australia.

The Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation has worked with the Aboriginal community at the grassroots level for 30 years in a wide ranging capacity. Preserving and teaching culture, being powerful and vocal advocates on Aboriginal issues, and working in countless ways to support the day to day struggle of Noongar peoples.

This photo (courtesy of Dumbartung) is of a meeting with WA Premier Colin Barnett and Robert and Selina Eggington which took place in 2013 immediately following an important suicide crisis summit organised by Dumbartung. The summit exposed the horrific reality and impact of suicide for Aboriginal people in WA and the need for greater funding and support for grassroots Aboriginal organisation to help address the issue.

Despite the tremendous and well recognised work over 30 years of Dumbartung, despite the significance of the suicide crisis summit, despite this meeting with the Premier and many other politicians, despite the overwhelming suicide crisis, Dumbartung has not had an increase in funding.

Quite the opposite, Dumbartung has had funding cut and today, on Survival Day 2016, is in a fight for its very survival.



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