The Nabi Salih model: Human rights activist Bassem Tamimi on the Palestinian struggle for justice

It seems an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement is further away than ever, with the Netanyahu government approving late last week the first new illegal colonial outpost, commonly referred to as a settlement, in the West Bank in 20 years. Military occupation remains a daily reality for millions of Palestinians, and the people of Gaza continue to go about their lives under conditions of siege. There are fragile signs of hope however, perhaps none more so than in the West Bank village of Nabi Salih, for seven long years home to weekly peaceful protests against the Israeli occupation. The key leader of these protests is Nabi Salih resident Bassem Tamimi. Bassem was due to arrive in Perth this Wednesday evening to begin a speaking tour of Australia, but his entry visa has thus far been denied by the Turnbull government. Alex Whisson began by asking Bassem why he felt it was so important for the people of his village to so defiantly maintain weekly protests against the occupation over such a long period of time.



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