WACA activist Salli Hunter Channel 7 on the refugee protest in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct

Karun Cowper spoke to Salli Hunter, human rights activist and member of the magnificent WACA (Whistleblowers Activist Citizens Alliance) about their action on Friday hanging a banner reading “Border Force Tortures Refugees – Deportations = Death” off the Channel 7 building in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. The building was in a direct line of sight of the Border Force headquarters in Customs House, where operational matters in Manus Island and Nauru refugee detention camps are managed.

WACA spokesperson Zianna Fuad said on Friday “The federal government and its refugee detention industry contractors have again sought to avoid being held to account with their proposal to settle the Manus class action compensation case out of court. WACA has staged this action to call on the Federal Government to repeal the Border Force Act, evacuate the camps immediately, bring them here and end the illegal indefinite detention of refugees”.



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